khobaib hussain




… shining angel for the family …

Khobaib Hussain was born in Birmingham in February 1992, now 25. He is the second eldest and is the only boy. He went to school and college in Birmingham and went to University to study Law. A month prior to his arrest he started to work at a courier company called ‘Hero Courier’s’. Little did he know this was a fake company set up by West Midlands Police/ Counter Terrorism Unit. He was pleased to have secured a job. Alongside this job he was attending college part time since 2015. Prior to this Khobaib has worked various jobs in different industries, including retail and manufacturing.
Khobaib is an extremely bright, honest, caring, kind hearted boy who also has a good sense of humour. He has always been kind and considerate towards everyone. Just prior to his arrest which was the summer of 2016, roadworks were taking place on the road he lives on. It was an extremely hot day and Khobaib went outside to give the work men all an ice cream. This is an example of a simple thing he did but it shows how kind he is in his nature.
Khobaib is loved by many including, family, friends and members of the community. He is spoken highly of by many as his charm and kindness can never be forgotten. He was extremely close to his grandparents who also raised him when he was a child. Being bought up in a household full of girls Khobaib’s sisters have said he is the best brother any sister could ask for. From being protective, to a personal chauffer and chef. Every family member could always rely on Khobaib. That he was the only son he was extremely responsible and is the shining angel for the Hussain family.

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