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… a protective father …

Tahir Aziz was born in February 1979 in Stoke on Trent, he is the second eldest sibling in a family of 7. Since childhood Tahir was a very loving child whom his parents are very proud of. He is protective and a caring father of two young children aged 8 and 10 and a caring son for his elderly parents who solely relied upon him. Tahir is also a caring uncle for his nephews and nieces.

Tahir worked for a reputable company whose name he honoured with dignity and respect, always helpful to staff and customers alike, he showed empathy and a caring attitude to everyone regardless of their background, culture or their belief. Tahir always provided a caring approach to all and held good relations with his fellow colleagues as well as friends whom majority were from a British culture, Tahir was very respectful to all faiths.

Tahir would help anyone he saw for example elders who struggled with their shopping bags or even anyone who had difficulty in walking, he would offer them a lift and drop them home, regardless of which background they came from, he would always offer a helping hand. He is an ideal father and has brought up his two young children himself, from the day they were born. He would wake up in the middle of the night to make their bottles, feed them and change their nappies, he would take responsibility for all of their needs without disturbing their mother. He would get them ready for school, from brushing their teeth to fastening their shoes and feeding them himself. He would take them to school before going to work and pick them up when he would finish work and cook their dinner himself. He was an independent father.

He worked at a takeaway on some evenings so that he could earn a little extra to buy his children toys and take them to theme parks, the zoo or even to the circus. He always spent his time with his children. Even if they kicked and screamed he would never shout or scold them nor turn his back on them but always gave them love in return and fulfilled their needs with happiness. His life revolved around his two children, they are his life and mean so much, more than words could describe.

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