Naweed ali





… the favourite uncle …

Naweed Ali was born in November 1987 in Birmingham, he is the youngest sibling in a family of 7. Hence why he became the favourite child and brother and no matter how old he is for the family he is everyone’s baby. He was a very loving child who the family are always proud of. He is a caring and loving son, his elderly parents solely relied upon him especially his father who is suffering from Kidney failure. He is also a caring uncle for his nephews and nieces. He was always the favourite uncle as he is so soft and gentle and for these reasons the kids just adore him.

Naweed studied at school where he struggled and therefore was on special educational needs. Despite this he always tried his best in school. He was always the teachers favourite and always enthusiastic. He continued to study on and attended college. He has worked for various organisations; his colleagues would always describe Naweed as helpful to staff and customers. He treated everyone equally regardless of their religion, culture or belief.

On the day of Naweed’s arrest it was his first shift at ‘Hero Courier’s’ (fake company set up by the West Midlands Police / Counter Terrorism Unit).

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